The Go-Getter - OVERVIEW

Chances are you have a long history of being active and working out. You’ve already carved out a consistent schedule for your workout time and it would feel weird if you missed out on that time.

Whether you use fitness as stress relief, sport, or to look your best you probably don’t have difficulty “finding the time.”

You’d be a great candidate to try out several group classes to see what you like. Make sure you find something that will incorporate all the elements of well-rounded fitness: Strength Training, Cardio-respiratory training (things like cycling, jogging, or rowing), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Stretching/Mobility.

Try to hit each of these four elements for a total of 4-5 hours of training per week.


You may find yourself getting easily bored with your workout routine. Try to mix up the things you do or find a workout routine that incorporates many elements like gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, and other skillbased activities.

You’ll find it difficult to get bored if you’re always chasing another skill.

Additionally, you may benefit from signing up for an event or competition. This will give you the chance to “test” your fitness.

Whether a ½ marathon or adventure race, the event will help guide your training throughout the year.

If you find yourself doing more bodybuilding or physique style training, perhaps signing up for a figure competition will be motivating.

It may also be time for you to explore the role nutrition plays in your workout routine. Many people will have a very consistent workout routine, but stall in their desired results.

More often than not, this is due to nutrition. A skilled nutritionist who specializes in active lifestyles will help you dial in your nutrition habits to see continued progress in your fitness.