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June 19-23

We’re so excited to offer a Kids Fitness & Martial Arts Camp for ages 6-13! This camp will be for kids who are either interesting in learning fitness and martial arts or are currently engaged in a sport and looking to excel their current skills! Coached by Amber Atkinson, former Division-1 Coach at ASU for Track and Field, your children will get top tiered coaching through applicable formats of cross training. The Martial Arts portion will be taught by Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Leanne Gaxiola! The Martial Arts will include time spent on the mat learning Jiu Jitsu and Cardio Kickboxing.

Here's the breakdown;

The 3 hours will be split into (1) 45-minute cross training, (1) 45-minute martial arts sessions and (1) 45-minute session of a different activity each day for fun! The remaining time will be for breaks, snacks and mingling! The bootcamp will be focused around cross training so you can expect to see things like;

  • Plyometrics to enhance your child’s speed and power
  • Calisthenics to achieve strength and stability through bodyweight exercises.
  • Ladder drills for coordination, speed, agility while strengthening joints and ligaments
  • Stretching for enhanced flexibility and overall joint health
  • Fundamentals of exercise to create good habits at a young age
  • Team building activities to enhance comradery and teach good sportsmanship

The Martial Arts will focus on Jiu Jitu & Cardio Kickboxing so you can expect to see things like;

  • Wrestling 
  • Submissions
  • Problem solving
  • Self-Defense concepts
  • Punching and kicking heavy bags
  • Body awareness drills

In the remaining 45-minutes, you can expect things like;

  • Nerf gun fights
  • Games on the martial arts mat
  • Arts and crafts activity
  • Galactic party
  • Ice cream Sundae Bar on Friday
  • And more!


$257 per child

These Summer Camps are fun and interactive. Here's what you can expect:



Let's face it, kids have a ton of energy. We'll direct that energy into fun an engaging activities while learning skill to enhance their performance in their sport of choice. .


Body Awareness

Your child will learn proper mechanics and create healthy, life long habits that will propel their athletic ability and confidence.


Socialize and Have Fun

Your child will have fun while makeing new friends who are also goal-oriented.

Amber Atkinson

Leanne Gaxiola


1. Will my child be lifting weights?

If yes, it will be extremely light kettlebell or dumbbells. It will be up to coaches
discretion and only when applicable. The majority will be body weight resistance.

2. Does my child need a uniform or gear to participate?

The jiu jitsu taught will be applicable without having a traditional uniform of a gi, so this is not required. For the Kickboxing classes, you child should have a pair of boxing gloves. We do have some to borrow but these are limited in quantity.

3. What should my child wear?

They can wear anything that is comfortable to move around in. It's recommended that they wear a t-shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings. Shoes will be required for the fitness portion but they will be barefoot when doing the martial arts on the mat. Having sandals/flipflops to quickly slip on and off is recommended in addition to the sneakers.

4. What happens during the break?

We will have water, healthy snacks and a chance for the kids to chat with each other.

5. Is this type of training too much for my child?

With the experience of our coaches, they will be able to push the kids in an appropriate
manor without exhausting them too much. But don’t worry, they will be tired from the

6. Who will be present during this class?

Coach Amber and her children will be there from 1-3pm, Coach Leanne will be there from 2-4pm.

7. Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds until the minimum quantity of children is met. At this time, you
may be refunded up to 1 month before the summer camp. After 1 month there are no

8. Do I get a discount for multiple children.
Each sibling gets a 5% discount, please reach out to us after purchasing your first child and we will make the applicable discount on the next one.

Let's do it!

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